Nature Photography.

SONY DSCI managed to take this photograph of a male orange tip butterfly today. Today was the first I have managed to take photographs of one of these butterflies as they never seem to stay still long enough to get close up to them to take a picture. This has been heavily cropped but even so it still looks good to me.SONY DSCEarlier I heard the unmistakable sound of a cuckoo and this led me to take several photos of cuckoos, though were not easy to get close to. This one being against the sunlight.
SONY DSCHere is another shot which might be the same one as before though there were at least two flying about.
SONY DSCThis was taken on autofocus which may have resulted in it focussing on the foliage in front of the bird but at least it shows its plumage better. Today was the first time I have actually seen a cuckoo, or at least identified one as such. They are about the same size as a pigeon and I might have misidentified them in the past.

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