Post-Referendum Scotland, an Update.

I had hoped to move away from the political situation up here, but I notice that a number of my followers are political bloggers who are overseas. Sadly UK media websites tend to be London based. The main ones used, I understand, are The Times, Daily Mail and the BBC. The problem is that news from Scotland has to be sufficiently newsworthy for the English for it to command attention, so it easy for developments to occur under the radar. I would suggest they subscribe to the [formerly Glasgow] Herald to get a more balanced view.
For instance, the local paper here announced this week that a local branch was to be formed of “Women for Independence.” Clearly this is evidence that parts of the ‘Yes’ camp are still active and recruiting support. I must admit that as a Christian I find that I am somewhat ashamed by evangelical zeal of some of the Yes supporters. They put me to shame when it comes to sharing Christ. This attitude seems to defy logic for those who voted No. The SNP and their allies have been accused of not accepting the result of the Referendum. One can see why.
Meanwhile, David Cameron’s plan for “English votes for English laws” has met with opposition from his coalition partners as well as the Labour Party. Why is David Cameron so keen on the idea? Could be connected with the Conservatives proposal to devolve all Income Tax in Scotland to the Scottish Parliament? Is this a political manoeuvre to prevent a future Labour Government having a sufficient majority to impose higher rates of Income Tax for high earning Fat Cats. That is assuming that such a Government will 40-odd Scottish MPs. That could be a dangerous assumption despite their lead in UK opinion polls. Will Labour Yes voters continue to support party having broken the habit of a lifetime will they return to the fold by May?
On Thursday the Herald reported that a “leading Labour Party office bearer had quit her post in the post-referendum fallout, citing disillusionment with the party nationally.” She has decided not to stand in the next local elections in 2017. She represents the Partick ward in Glasgow and she tweeted in the aftermath of the referendum vote: “How the Labour Party reacts to results in the next few hours + days will decide our future. Gloating/triumphalism = Pyrrhic victory.” Another said: “Scenes of celebrating with the Tories aren’t going to go down well with the folks who voted Yes in my ward. Stand by for the backlash.” It is, of course, a long time till the next General Election in May and a lot depends on whether Labour Yes voters feel they have been listened to by the Commission into potential devolved powers. Just do not be surprised if the Labour Party loses a number of safe seats if Yes voters decide to vote SNP.
There is also the rumbling question as to whether the No campaign breached the electoral rules by keeping tallies of “sample openings” of the postal ballot papers resulting from comments made by Ruth Davidson the Scottish Conservative leader at Holyrood live on BBC Scotland 45 minutes after the polls closed. The matter has now been referred to the police. These comments give rise to a lot of conspiracy theories that question the validity of the outcome but in the cold light of day it will be difficult pin down an actual person who did what and where when it comes to bringing formal charges. But again I can say watch this space.
David Rose. 2014.

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I am a Bible believing Christian, brought up in the Brethren Movement, and now find myself associating with charismatics even though I do not always agree with them. I am in full-time employment. I have interests in history and photography amongst others.
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